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Archaeology India presents facts, evidences , perspectives , possibilities and probabilities from the past,  of the Indian sub continent from an historical and archaeological perspective.

Anyone interested in Indian history and intending to interpret Indian history scientifically will find this very informative and interesting.The mission is to tread back into the times of the known and the unknown through evaluation of the evidences left behind. Evaluation is a process that produces results according to the examiner and may not be the truth or fact. So we present perspectives that are free to interpret, debate, correct and prove.

The science of archaeology is the reconstruction of history through the evaluation of material evidences, parallel historical accounts, narrations and careful analysis to arrive at conclusions.It needs support from other disciplines like geology, anthropology, cryptology, political science, history, bio chemistry, astronomy , religion, geography , linguistics and so on.To investigate and reconstruct a single piece of evidence interdisciplinary experts are required.

As there is a saying, archaeologists

work for four years, spend four hundred thousand and write four pages

                           ‘The past, is absolutely necessary, for the present to exist and for the future to evolve.

We will focus mostly on the Indian subcontinent but will not limit it to geographical boundaries. There will be material on excavations, scripts, architecture, history, linguistics, religion, politics , travel ….
We will post articles, blogs, publications, videos, links related to archaeology with an Indian perspective. We also aim to bring awareness in protecting our antiquity, history and the material evidences left behind, like monuments, artifacts, literature, oral traditions and cultural symbols and identities.

Welcome to the ‘ Portal to the Past

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