Irish excavations Dublin 1970:17 High Street/Winetavern Street Viking / Medieval town site Excavations by the National Museum of Ireland at High Street and Winetavern Street, Dublin, continued during 1970. Twelfth century levels at High Street some further interesting examples of bone trial pieces with panels of interlaced motifs of Hiberno-VikingRead More →

Arikamedu, the ancient Roman trade centre is 4 Kms. south of Pondicherry on the right bank of Ariyankuppam river. It has a long history that dates back to the second century B.C. The port town was inhabited by Romans, Cholas and French who left their mark on this wonderful placeRead More →

In histories of European archaeology, the term ‘antiquarianism’ usually refers to the discovery, collection and description of antiquities, to the amateur study of artefacts or monuments. In such study, artefacts and monuments are treated as ends in themselves. In early-nineteenth-century India, however, the word ‘antiquarianism’ had broader and more scholarlyRead More →